about me

floridian by way of NC & OH.
wife. Dog mom. infp. Type 4.
multi-passionate creative.
digital & social marketer.
saas product manager.
freelance web designer.
health & wellness junkie.
personal development fiend.
self-proclaimed “dabbler”.


“Women can have it all – a successful career, happy marriage, and motherhood. It's not one or another. It's about being able fit it all in with stride. A strong woman can have all this because we were built for it.” -- Kailin gow


hey girl, hey!

Thank you for checking out my blog & wanting to learn more about me! I created this space as a place to share about my life, the things I love, the places I’m visiting or activities I’m doing, the recipes I’m trying or outfits I’m rocking, and so much more. My goal is to inspire other women to live a balanced & beautiful life – through health & wellness, personal development, self love, and a supportive community.


so, who’s this lady?

Hey, I’m just like you!

Well Tegan and Sara lyrics aside, I’m just a woman entering her 30s who wants to change her life & maybe inspire other people to change theirs. See, I believe everyone is worthy of happiness & joy & living their best life. I believe that everyone has a story and a purpose to fulfill. I want that for each and every one of you. And I know that you can have it, that we all can. So I’m here to share my life, my stories and adventures, my tips & tricks, my failures and lessons, and everything in between… because that’s how I feel I can make an impact and connect with other women. And through sharing my own journey, I hope you find something valuable or inspiring. I’d love to connect with you on social media or email, so come say hello!


what i’m digging right now


my crazy & cute pups


peloton workouts


flamingoes (duh!)


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