Becoming a Dog Mom: The Story of Tegan the Tripawd


In honor of Tegan’s one year #GotchaDay last Friday, I thought it was about time I got back into blogging and finally talked about how we came to become puppy parents! I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a year… time really does go by so fast as you get older. We feel so lucky that Tegan came into our lives (and we think she feels the same way). Here’s how it all came to be…


Let’s go back to March 2016. Mike and I had recently become homeowners and were more than settling in by now. We knew we wanted a dog at some point but hadn’t made any serious plans into getting one. Occasionally we’d stop by pet stores when they’d have adoption fairs, which really tugged at our heartstrings! I pestered Mike a lot about getting a pup, but at the time we weren’t sure if we were ready. I even remember one of my coworkers talking about how she was getting a dog soon, and I had absolutely no idea that only a few short weeks later, I’d be a dog mom myself. So weird how life surprises you!

A friend of ours began volunteering at a local animal rescue and would often share pictures of her furry coworkers, so one day she shared a particular photo that ended up changing Mike & I’s life forever!


I mean, look at that face! How could you not instantly fall in love? I know it sounds silly – but we saw this photo and knew we had to meet this pup. We put in an application for adoption immediately and soon had a phone call with the lady who was fostering her to plan a meeting. Mike & I were so nervous!! We didn’t plan to adopt a puppy yet, but honestly when does life ever go according to plan, right?


The meet and greet was so much fun. From the moment we saw her, we knew we’d found our pup. She was so sweet, and so energetic. She was being fostered with another puppy, and they were having so much fun playing. You couldn’t even tell that she had a leg amputation less than a week beforehand. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that she’s a “tripawd” puppy?! Her story is so heart-wrenching. The rescue shelter that we got her from did a “Spotlight” on Tegan in one of their newsletters, which you can read below:


During our meet and greet, we decided to do a foster-to-adopt agreement so that we could take her home sooner. We couldn’t take her home immediately, but planned to get her a couple days later. Meanwhile, we stocked up on puppy supplies and got the house ready for our new addition! We were a little nervous for how our 3 cats would react, but luckily that went pretty smoothly (with the proper introduction/transition techniques). There’s so much more I could say about our first couple of months too, but I think that might be for a separate post haha.

We are forever grateful that Second Chance Pet Adoptions saved this puppy – we truly couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Over the last year, she has brought us so much joy and love and laughter. She’s got such a silly personality! She loves snuggling, swimming, playing tug-o-war and fetch, going on walks, playing with other pups (she loves the dog park), chasing our cats, and probably her favorite thing to do is to give kisses. So many kisses!

Nowadays, Tegan is loving life and is truly the happiest puppy I’ve ever met. We love bringing her to Second Chance events and we try to support the organization whenever we can. They’ve featured Tegan in a couple of videos, too. Check them out below:

(Tegan’s at 2:00 minutes in – as “Lulu”)

(See Tegan’s story at 1:25 minutes in)

(Tegan can be seen around 5:30 minutes in)

Tegan & I at “Bark in the Park” at the Durham Bulls game – a fundraiser for Second Chance Pet Adoptions.

Tegan & I at “Bark in the Park” at the Durham Bulls game – a fundraiser for Second Chance Pet Adoptions.


Second Chance has events all the time, and I’m so excited to participate in a super fun one coming up on Sunday – Downtown Dog Walk and Brunch at Crank Arm Brewing. We’ll also be joining Second Chance for their annual 5K, Racing for Rescues, in May, so if you have a pup (or even if you don’t) and want to support a good cause, we’d love to see you there!

If you’d like to follow along with Tegan’s adventures, check her out on Instagram @TeganTheTripawd.

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